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Safety Information

Safety Helmet Sticker

Traffic Safety - Newport Reach Police Traffic Division.

You must view the Newport Beach Police Department's presentation (PDF) in order to get your Ensign safety helmet sticker.

Bike rules to follow:

  1. Place the Ensign helmet sticker on the front of helmet where it is clearly visible.
  2. Fasten your helmet to your head securely.
  3. Walk your bike/skateboard all the way across any crosswalk.
  4. Don’t cross the street without using a crosswalk.
  5. Use the appropriate gates/crosswalks to and from the bike rack.
  6. Stop at stop signs and stop lights.
  7. No use of cell phone while riding your bike or skateboard.

Consequences for not following the rules:

  1. Lose your bike privileges for one week.
  2. Lose your bike privileges for one month.
  3. Lose your bike privileges for the rest of the year.

Lockdown reminders:

  1. Be quiet so you can hear your teacher’s instructions. 
  2. Do not use your cell phones to make sure phone lines are left open for the police.
  3. Listen to your teacher, they are well-trained and have a plan for run, hide, and act.

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Britt Dowdy
Safety Coordinator