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2020-2021 School Year

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Masks Should Not Stop You from Clear Vision

By Hannah Wegner

Hello, Seabees!  My name is Hannah Wegner and I am an eighth grade student here at Ensign Intermediate School.  I might be one of your fellow classmates!  If you have me as a classmate, you might know that I wear glasses for whenever I look at the board.  This year I realized that breathing in my mask usually fogs up my glasses, and then I can not see what we are learning in class.  I know many of us share the same problem, so I figured I could share some tips with you on how to prevent this.  

One strategy I have come up with is: pull your mask high up onto your nose, and then place the bridge of your glasses over the top of the mask.  This closes any gaps that your mask may have, making it so that you can breathe without air escaping and getting into your glasses.  

However, your mask can slowly slip down your face again.  Now your glasses are fogging up, even though you have just fixed it.  But do not worry.  There is one more trick that I have heard about, found from a recent article by a doctor with glasses.  Simply using a Band-aid over the bridge of your nose, securing the mask on, significantly closes all gaps.  This trick will work for a long time, since the mask is stuck onto you until you choose to take it off.  Now you can freely breathe in your mask and focus on your schoolwork instead of trying to adjust your visionary device every few seconds.  I hope these tips helped, and remember to stay safe!

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