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2020-2021 Ensign Fund Meeting and Event Dates

Everyone is welcome!

Day: First Tuesdays of each month
Time: 11:30 a.m.
Place: Ensign Library
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This webpage is operated and maintained by volunteers of the Ensign Fund.  All information and postings associated with this page and any links are at the sole discretion of the Ensign Fund and not endorsed by the Newport-Mesa Unified School District.

Ensign Fund

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Welcome, Seabees!

The Ensign Fund encourages academic excellence for every child at Ensign through a wide range of additional programs that include:

  • Academic: National Junior Honor Society, GATE, AVID, Renaissance
  • Faculty Support: Counselor support, classroom supplies, teacher “grants,” staff development
  • School Climate: Challenge Days, extracurricular clubs, intramurals
  • Technology: Computer upgrades, staff support, innovative instructional tools
  • Parent Communication: Weekly production of the SeaBee Buzz e-mail newsletter

Kristin Sheward/Robin West

Co-Presidents, Ensign Fund

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2020 - 2021 Ensign Fund Officers

Officers and Executive Committee

Co-President: Robin West

Co-President: Kristin Sheward

Recording/Corresponding Secretary: Aleece de Vengoechea

Treasurer: Angelina Achtak

Seabee Buzz Correspondent: Nicole Hourigan

Board Members

Angelina Achtak

Christine Avila

Tyler Appledorn

Lisa Banhagel

Keri Bartlett

Michelle Barto

Christa Borggreve

Lisa Casey

Nany Clemo

Morgan Deisner

Karen Ditteaux

Silvia Fleischli

TD Gahm

Melinda Harlan

Lynn Hartel

Susanne Henderson

Nicole Hourigan

Jill Hunt

Ellen Kozlowski

Kate Malouf

Jen Messenger

Courtney Norton

Melissa O'Brien

Rory O'Neil

Charlotte Payne

Allison Pence

Noelle Perrin

Heather Proud

Nicole Reynolds

Nicole Reynolds

Molly Rigdon

Jennie Robinson

Alice Rochverger

Heather Scheck

Marci Santoni

Tami Santoni

Kristin Sheward

Michelle Showalter

Alleece de Vengoechea

Robin West

Shelley White