November/December 2015

How Well Do You Really Know the Ensign Staff?

By Gia Negrete and Hannah Morris


15 staff members and 15 facts you did not know!


Mr. Jain – When he was young he jumped on a Pogo stick for over an hour without stopping!

Ms. Curtis – You might be surprised to know that this rockin’ teacher loves everything Gwen Stefani.

Mrs. Wagner – Did you know she use to teach skiing and writes her own poetry?

Mrs. Cross – Not only is she a great teacher, but she also was the flex arm hang champion in the 6th grade. Wow!

Mrs. Charron – Ever heard of the Power Rangers? Well, Mrs. Charron sure has; she dated the flash-back version of the white power ranger when she was in middle school!

Frank - I bet you did not know he was adopted at 7, did ya?

Mr. Becker - Not only did he travel by automobile, but this teacher has traveled around North America, parts of South America, and Canada over the course of three summers!

Dr. V - This amazing staff member was the gymnastics coach at the University of Arizona!

Mr. Erlinger - “Nobody will know my secrets. THE TREASURE WILL BE MINE!”

Mrs. Robertson - This scholarly staff member was the first one in her family to graduate college! You go, Mrs. Robertson!

Mrs. McDowell - She can do a two minute handstand!  Well, with the help of a wall, of course.

Mr. Sciacca - Did you know he was born to be a principal? Well, his third grade teacher sure knew because she gave him the title of "Cubby Captain."

Mrs. Hirsch - As a junior she was ranked at as a national tennis player.

Mrs. Blankenship - This beautiful teacher used to be a model.

Mrs. Grenier - This beautiful teacher competed for the title of Miss Orange in a beauty pageant when she was younger.



Who We Are...

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Day in the Life of ASB

By Avery Wooden and Amanda Wertheimer



From left to right - Avery Wooden (journalism), Lane McArdell, Haley Saba, Holden Clarke, Ruby Trestik, Lauren Lipkowski, Clayton Wallburger, Justin Boals, Cameron Fletcher, Riley DeCinces, Hannah Harvey, Riley Aust, Kelly Crane, Matthew Albrecht, Paige Bryant, Ricardo Garibay, Michael Morrison, Amanda Wertheimer (journalism), Nicole Laz.


Ever wonder what goes into to the dances here on campus or who creates the amazing posters seen on the walls? Well, these are organized and put together by your Ensign ASB. This team consists of hardworking seventh and eighth graders dedicated to providing you with the the best year possible.


What does a normal day of ASB consist of?

“A normal day of ASB consists of planning different events such as dances and assemblies, creating Renaissance scripts, and working in our committee teams.” - Michael Morrison


“A normal day consists of making posters, planning dances and assemblies, and having fun.” - Justin Boals


“A normal day in the ASB room consists of working in our committee groups and brainstorming ideas for different events.” - Riley DeCinces


“A normal day of ASB consists of making posters, approving requisitions (forms for clubs),and working in committee groups.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“There is no normal day of ASB because it depends on the event we are working on.” - Mrs. Charron  


What is your favorite thing to do in ASB?

“My favorite thing to do in ASB is to take down dances.” - Michael Morrison


“My favorite thing do in ASB is to put dances and assemblies together and work with my peers.” - Justin Boals


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is to plan the assemblies.” - Riley Decinces


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is is work in commissioner groups, and plan events because it is cool to see an event go well that we worked so hard on.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is setting up noon time activities. I enjoy watching people have fun.” - Riley Aust


“My favorite thing to do in ASB is working together as a team, listening to each other’s ideas and cooperating.” - Ruby Trestik


“I love to hear students brainstorming about events because one idea leads to another and there is a domino effect among students.” - Mrs. Charron


How many hours go into preparing ASB events, and how do you work as a team to prepare?

“Normally 6-8 hours goes into preparing ASB events as well as creating props, (such as posters). In order to finish all of this, it requires staying after school, and we work as a group in everything we do.” - Michael Morrison


“On average 6-8 hours go into preparing for ASB events. Sometimes in order for a project to be completed it takes weeks, and very rarely months.” - Justin Boals


“To prepare for ASB events is a lot of hard work. We are normally at school at 7:45 a.m. - 9:30 p.m. which is over 12 hours.” - Riley DeCinces


“For a Renaissance assembly we miss three periods, and get to school in the morning and stay after all events to take down. I find these really fun because ASB is one big family and we all contribute to each and every dance.” - Lauren Lipkowski


“More hours than anybody realizes goes into these events, and we do team building activities in order to make set up more smooth.” - Mrs. Charron  


What inspired you to try out for ASB?


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because my sibling was in the program and I have a strong desire for helping people.” - Michael Morrison


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I love to help people. I also wanted to make ASB a better place than it was before.” - Justin Boals


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I wanted to be involved in the school and I did it last year as well.” - Riley Decinces


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I was on student council in elementary school.” - Riley Aust


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because I saw ASB as a hard-working class and knew people in it. ” - Ruby Trestik


“I was inspired to try out for ASB because my mom said it would be fun and I realized that I was good at leading.” - Lauren Lipkowski


What do you look for when choosing ASB candidates? (Mrs. Charron)


I choose students who are passionate about improving the school climate.” - Mrs. Charron


    After our interviewing experience, we have so much more appreciation for ASB events. Tons of hard work goes into every single one of these events and we are so lucky to have people like them helping out. We would like to  thank the entire ASB team for donating their time to us and for everything they do on campus.


Embarrassing Moments From Your Teachers

By Amanda Wertheimer and Ava Glassen


emoji.pngEveryone has had a cringe-worthy moment that makes you want to become invisible, and when we say everyone we mean everyone, even your own teachers. Unfortunately, these moments are basically inevitable in your middle/high school years. In order to feel better about our embarrassing moments, we asked teachers about theirs. While we were interviewing, teachers either could not remember or their troublesome moment came to them as if it occurred yesterday. Below are these awkward moments:


“In high school, I was walking to band and it had just rained, so as I was walking I slid down the band hill. When I got up, my whole back was muddy.” - Ms. Brundage


“It was my first day of summer school and I didn’t know anybody. I was roaming around, took a sip of water, and a bird pooped on my head! This caused me to be late to my first class and all of my peers stared at me.” - Mrs. Cross


“In high school, I fell down the stairs while wearing platform shoes.” - Mrs. Dorian


“When I was a middle school student, a seagull pooped on my shirt and it dripped all down my back . I started crying and went to the nurse. Instead of putting a new shirt on, I made my mom pick me.” - Mrs. Rush


“In high school, I tripped while walking up the stairs to give a speech to run for ASB president.” - Ms. Curtis


“I was performing baton at a school assembly and I dropped it in the middle of my performance.” - Mrs. Charron


“The bell rang and I had to get to class so I turned really fast and ran into a locker. I had a huge bump and bruise on my head.” - Capt. Fuchetti


“I was the kicker for the football team and on the first game of the season, I kicked it so high that it went over my head and we lost five yards. Also, when I was playing basketball, I shot and scored… for the other team.” - Mr. Mabry


“I never had any embarrassing moments because I didn’t take myself too seriously and laughed everything off.” - Madame Mallie


“I was riding my bike home from school and I saw the boy that I liked. I turned, waved, ran into a parked car, and then fell of my bike.” - Mrs. Wagner


“I didn’t read the directions for a lab in science, and the table ended up catching on fire. Everyone had to evacuate.” - Mrs. Brandes


“I had a skater haircut in middle school which was a long piece of hair that covered part of my face. I thought that it was really cool, until the day people told me it wasn’t.” - Mr. Sciacca


“I had cool brown hair when I was younger. One day, I was talking to these cute girls under a tree while my hair was blowing in the wind. A pigeon landed on one of the tree branches above me and pooped right on top of my head.” - Mr. Becker


“I hated locker room changing. One day, I was changing in the locker room and the girl next to me had the same jean skirt. When ours got mixed up, we started fighting over the jeans skirts and the whole situation was just very awkward.” - Mrs. Velastegui


“My friends and I were messing around in the showers after PE and clogging the drains to make a slip-n-slide, but little did we know that the coach’s office was just around the corner. He got really mad at us and lined us up next to one another, and spanked us with a paddle with holes in it.” - Mr. Cameron


“I was embarrassed every time my mom picked me up from school.” - Mr. Jain


“In high school, my math teacher asked me to stop messing around, and instead, I talked back. I had to wait outside for the rest of the period.” - Miss Rain


“When I was sixteen, I donated blood, but it was too much for me and I passed out. As I passed out, I knocked over the carton of orange juice, causing it to spill all over me, and it looked like I peed my pants!” - Mrs. Reilly


“I was visiting a friend at work, when I waved to say hello I ran right into a pole.” - Mrs. Grenier


“Thinking about it now, it is really embarrassing that I wore a white dress with red hearts.” - Mrs. Halperin


“I showed up with two mismatched shoes, and I didn’t even notice!” - Mr. Blackie


“I was stuck in band playing the trombone.” - Mr. Harrell   


Now every time you think of how embarrassing your middle school moments are, think of what your teachers went through when they were your age. We would like to thank all of the teachers for taking the time to answer our hard-hitting question. Remember to not take you’re humiliating moments too seriously because one day it will be a funny story to tell. We hope you cracked a smile at these hilarious memories!


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Who Would Teachers Want to Be?

By Jennifer Garcia


In a recent interview,  I asked the teachers, "If you could be anyone for a day besides yourself, who would you be and why?" I got many intriguing responses and I'm so glad that I asked this question. These are the teachers' responses to my question:


Mrs. Curtis: “Kacy Catanzaro because she’s a crazy cool gymnast, and I would like to jump and climb on things.”curtis.png

Mrs. Hernandez:  “Emperor Augustus because he was a very good leader in the Roman Empire.”

Mrs. Grenier: “Yo-Yo Ma because he’s the best cellist in the world.”

Mrs. Halperin: “Kristin Wiig, because she’s funny.”halperin.png

Mr. Tucker: “Myself in a more patient, more humble, more caring version of myself.”

Mr. Cameron: “The man on the moon because he’s happy.”cameron.png

Mrs. Tolles: “This is going to sound cheesy, but I wouldn’t want to change myself. I’m totally happy with my life.”

Ms. Velastegui: “Wonder Woman because she has super powers.”velastegui.png

Mrs. Wagner: “My son, Dave, or my other son, Marc.”

Mrs. Charron: “John Adams because he’s my favorite president.”

Frank: “Wolverine from Xmen because he regenerates and has powers.”

Mrs. Gibbons: “Jimmy Fallon because he is incredibly talented and incredibly funny.”