November/December 2013

NJHS Canned Food Drive


By Katie Clark


Every year the NJHS officers decide upon service projects to do at school that benefit others and provide service opportunities for the students in NJHS. This year the first service project NJHS will be conducting a canned and boxed food drive. It will be going on December 9-13 every morning from 7:30 to 8:00.

Volunteers will be at the front of the school by the office every day of the food drive to collect donations which include gift cards along with canned and boxed goods. For anyone who is in NJHS we need volunteers every morning. The sign-up sheets are in Mrs. Liebengood's room, room 25. Hope to see you all there!

Ensign Cheer Squad Update

By Jillian Birt-Russell



Ensign has been buzzing through the sports season with enthusiasm and great sportsmanship! There has been tons of wins and all in all our Seabee athletes have been knocking our socks off! Seabee fans have been rooting their school on at the games, including the Ensign cheerleaders! The cheerleaders have also been getting ready for their big performance at the Staples Center in Los Angeles this coming Saturday! They will be representing Ensign during halftime along with other cheerleaders at the LA Clippers’ basketball game! Awesome, right!?



They’ve also been working their stingers off every week in morning practices and showing their school spirit at sports games and assemblies. Their last school performance was at the Super Mario themed Renaissance assembly on Thursday! The cheerleaders love showing Seabee pride and wish all Ensign students success in everything they do! You all deserve a HIVE five! Go, Seabees!

Rubber Ducky - You're the One!

By Miranda McCormick, Emma Kennedy, and Keely Blissmer

It’s duck season here at Ensign and we have rounded up some of our fellow teachers and students and asked them who their favorite feathered friends are!


Mrs. Cross: “Psy because he is the most realistic with the hair and outfit.”

Mr. Mabry:  “Probably Taylor Swift because I’m just a sucker for blondes.”

Mrs. Charron: “Justin Timberlake because I grew up listening to NSYNC and it brings back memories from high school.”

Mrs. Hirsch: “Michael Phelps because when I first got my puppy, we were in the desert.  We kept him inside, and kept him company by turning on the TV.  The Olympics were on, so he had to watch Michael Phelps all the time.  His nickname is now ‘Phelps’!”

Mr. Nichols: “Iron man because he is cool and I like the tone.”

Mrs. Reilly: “Beyoncé, because I love Beyonce.”

Mr. Jain: “Iron Man because he sneaks up with the element of surprise.”

Mrs. Blankenship: “Michael Phelps because he came into my daughter’s store in Baltimore.”

Madame Maille: “Taylor Swift because she is the sweetest”

Miss Velastegui: “Lebron James just because he is Lebron.”

Mrs. Liebengood: “Iron Man because he is so techy; I love all of the technology.  I love his sense of humor.”

Dr. Vecchiarelli: “Beyonce because one of my family’s favorite songs is “At Last” and she sings it really well.”

Mr. Tucker: “J.T. [Justin Timberlake] because he is a sick dancer. He has mad dance moves.”

8th Graders

Amanda Klarin: “Iron Man because I saw that movie with my brother and he screamed and we almost got kicked out of the theater.”

Natasha Ellis: “Beyonce because I like saying her name.”

Camille Baron: “Harry Styles because he is amazing.”

Connor Houlihan: “I don’t like Lebron James because he is too full of himself.”

Hannah Hobrecht: “Harry Styles because it’s Harry Styles.”

7th Graders

Madison Overstreet: “Taylor Swift because she is a good singer, and the duck looks realistic.”

Garret Gendron: “Iron Man because I like his movies.”

Heather Hattan: “Taylor Swift because I just really like her music.”

Nikki Clark: “Michael Phelps because he is a swimmer and because he has won a lot of medals.”

Shane Christensen: “I like Iron Man because I like his iron and stuff.”

Sophia Koop: “The Harry Styles duck because he looks very funny.”

Charlie Singer: “My favorite duck is Harry Styles because I like his suit and he looks good.”

Popular Artists

By Betsy Calder

One Direction

One Direction is a band with five guys from across the United Kingdom. Louis, Harry, Liam, and Zayn are all from England, and Niall is the only member from Ireland. These five guys didn’t meet on their own; they all met on the Great Britain X Factor show in 2008. They did not win the X Factor either; they placed 3rd and ended up being sign after the show ended. They have become one of the biggest named bands in the world. This year alone they were number one in 38 different countries and sold over 1.63 million concert tickets. They toured all around the world and for their 2014 world tour they are doing a stadium tour, including places such as Wimbledon stadium in London and the rose bowl in Los Angeles. One Direction is a newer version of The Beatles and they have become larger then The Beatles because of their ambition and drive to make their fans happy.

Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons are a very popular band throughout America.  Smash hits like "Radioactive” and “Apocalypse” have swept throughout America hitting the “America Top 40 Hits.” They have reached the top and hit the top five many times. With Imagine Dragons' great songs now, they are only bound to get better.

Miley Cyrus

From Hannah Montana to her edgy ways now, Miley Cyrus has completely changed. She cut her hair off, bleached it, and changed her music completely. Some wonder if she will ever go back to the way she was on Disney, but many doubt it. Miley has shown herself as a new person with new songs and a different style. She has reached number one on iTunes many times and has recently gotten the “most views in one night” on YouTube for her “Wrecking Ball” video, which was very edgy like her. Miley Cyrus is planning on doing a world tour in the 2014 year.

Ariana Grande

Many of people know her as “Kat” from her previous shows on Nickelodeon, but off stage she is Ariana Grande. She has hit the world with her smash hit “The Way” which made it to the top of the charts in only a few days of being released. She released other songs at the MTV Music awards on the red carpet, where she performed pieces of her songs. Ariana is one of the newer artists that has hit the top faster than some of the others.

Who We Are...


Seabee Buzz writers with After Romeo

Writers: Jillian Birt, Keely Blissmer, Betsy Calder, Megan Carey, Katie Clark, Bella Crafton, Delaney DeCinces, Jordan Golden, Hannah Hobrecht, Emma Kennedy, Amanda Klarin, Blake Ling, Dillon Lippman, Miranda McCormick, Erica Rogers, Adena Rothbard, Charlie Sandy, Christian Yassa

Advisor: Kristine Cross



Mr. Fuschetti, Teacher of the Month

By Betsy Calder

Fuschetti.JPGFor the month of October the Journalism team has chosen Mr. Fuschetti as teacher of the month! We have chosen him because of his love for the fishing club, teaching 7th and 8th graders P.E., and for all the great years he has taught here at Ensign. Here are some questions we asked him:

Why did you start teaching?

Mr. Fuschetti started teaching because of his love for coaching. Before he went back to school and got his teaching credentials. Mr. Fuschetti started as a volleyball coach at Corona del Mar High School when he realized that he wanted to be a teacher. While Mr. Fuschetti was a volleyball coach, he was also a marketing director but he gave up both of these positions to teach here at ensign.


How long have you been teaching?

Mr. Fuschetti has been teaching for a total of 22 years, but not all of them as a physical education teacher here at Ensign. He has taught volleyball and Life Skills also. Mr. Fuschetti was the Life Skills teacher before Mr. Tucker and he was here along with Mrs. Wagner and Mrs. Halperin. Even though some teachers say they get sick and tired or their students, Mr. Fuschetti loves them and is happy to be a teacher here.


What motivates you to teach?

Mr. Fuschetti’s motivation to teach is his students. He loves seeing what they will do with their lives and knowing that he helped them get there. Some of his students that have come through ensign have gone on to do amazing things like Misty May Treanor, who has won three Olympic gold medals, and April Ross, who has won Olympic silver medals. He has passed through many years of teaching and when he sees what his students have done it reminds him why he loves teaching. Other students of his have also gone onto the Olympics like Esther Loflgren, who is a gold medalist in rowing from the Olympics. He also loves when he learns about his students that have joined the Marines; he enjoys this because he loves to see people that are willing to make our country a safer place.

Welcome Back, Mr. Nanney!

By Adena Rothbard and Katie Clark

Nanney.JPGWe are all so grateful to have Mr. Nanney back at our school. We noticed a significant difference without him with us. We were pleased to hear that he had a wonderful recovery from his extended illness and that he is super excited to be back at Ensign.

Mr. Nanney truly loves Ensign and he says that he was extremely grateful for all the love and get well cards from everyone on the campus. He says he felt truly moved and humbled by this experience.

Overall he just wants everyone to realize that even though a lot of people may not have known he was gone, he just wants everyone to know that he is so happy to be back. Welcome back, Mr. Nanney!

Renaissance Program

By Erica Rogers

I asked Mrs. Charron a few questions about our Renaissance program.

What is the Renaissance Program?

Renaissance is a rewards program that is designed to honor and recognize all the students for doing well on campus.  If a student has a 3.5 GPA or higher and good citizenship marks, he or she can be in Renaissance.


What are the different levels of Renaissance and their standards?

The three different levels are gold, silver, and bronze.  Bronze level honors student with a 3.0 to 3.49 GPA.  Silver level honors students with a 3.5 to 3.99 GPA.  Gold, the highest level, honors students with a 4.0 GPA.  This year there is a new level called blue level which honors students with a 2.5 to 2.99 GPA.


What are the benefits to being in Renaissance?

The benefits to being in Renaissance are students receive cards that give students different rewards in their classes that depend on the teacher like free homework passes, extra credit, or sitting next to a friend.  If you wear your Renaissance shirt on Renaissance days, you can get out to lunch five minutes early and also an extra reward.  There are also quarterly rewards so students get to participate in special events.


Why did you want to bring this program to Ensign?

I brought the Renaissance program to Ensign because there wasn’t anything at the time that rewarded and honored students that were doing really well, and I thought this would be a fun way to do that.

Teacher of the Month - Ms. Brundage

Brundage.JPGEvery month Ensign’s Journalism team picks one of the many amazing teachers here on campus. This month the Journalism team has picked Ms. Brundage as Ensign’s teacher of the month. Journalism has chosen her for her love and passion for teaching.

When in Ms. Brundage’s room you will always learn something new, either science related or life related. Ms. Brundage always has a story to tell with every new subject that you learn. Also Ms. Brundage is the one who schedules all of our safety drills, making sure that we know what to do in case of an emergency. We just want to thank Ms. Brundage for all her years of teaching here at Ensign.

Here are some questions that we asked Ms. Brundage:

  1. 1.What motivated you to want to start teaching?

Ms. Brundage's mother was the first person to inspire her. Her mother told her as a child that she would be an amazing teacher one day. Ms. Brundage always thought otherwise because she had a fear of speaking in public. Also when Ms. Brundage got to college she had already switched her major four times before she went into her college counselor, not knowing what to do. Her college counselor told her that she should get a major in biology. This was because she was taking so many science classes. One of the options was that she could be a teacher, and that’s when she realized she wanted to be a teacher.

2. How long have you been a teacher?

Ms. Brundage has taught for a total of twelve years. She hasn’t always taught here at Ensign though. First, she taught up in Long Beach. There she taught sixth grade earth science. Then she came here, to Ensign, to teach life science to seventh graders. Life science is her favorite type of science, since she get to talk about our bodies and all the fun things that are living.

3. What made you want to teach science?

Ms. Brundage wanted to teach science over any other subject because science is her passion. It’s her favorite thing to teach. Ms. Brundage's favorite type of science is life science, dealing with the organs and cells. Ms. Brundage loves all science, too!

My Picks for Best Educational Apps of 2013

By Christian Yassa

1. Google Translate: If you are taking a foreign language or would just like a utility that is useful in life this is the app for you. If you are taking a foreign language and are stuck on a homework assignment, just type in a word or phrase and instantly you’ll get a translation.

2. Grades +:  This app is far by the most useful app for me. For any student, who would like to get a quick overview of their grades or to see if a new grade has been entered, this is the app for you. Just login once and with one tap you will quickly get the grade you have in each class (grade grabber for Android devices).

3. Pages by Apple: This is a great app if you would like to type on the go on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad. With the new iOS 7 update, the Apple series of apps (Keynote, Pages, Numbers. iMovie, iPhoto) have been greatly improved and are now free. This app and this series of apps are great for people who work on the go.

4. MyScript Calculator: This app is one of the most technological apps that many people use. Instead of a normal calculator, this app can sense your writing and solve any equation you write out by hand!

5. iBooks: This is a great app if you would like to download books on your devices. This app has a great selection of books about all subjects from literature to guides. The app also has a large variety of free apps.

These are my picks for great apps you can use for school and the best part is that they are all free!

Debate Club

By Christian Yassa

New to Ensign this year is a debate team that competes within our region. The debate team meets in Mr. Tucker’s room Tuesdays after school. During meetings, the team discusses various topics and how they would be able to debate them. They also discuss various ways to improve their debating skills.


On Sunday October 27, Ensign’s debate team participated in their first ever competition level debate. It was a scramble, which meant that people from several schools came together and were randomly put into teams of three to debate. The way the debate worked was that students were given the three topics ahead of time the three topics were:


  • NSA surveillance does more good or harm
  • Smartphones and tablets are antisocial
  • University education should be free


Twenty minutes before the teams debated, they were told if they were on the proposition or opposition side of the debate. The three people on each team rushed to combine their arguments and chose the three best for their team. During the debate they all tried to prove that their points were superior to their opponents and tried to prove that their opponents arguments were invalid. All Ensign debate participants did great for their first time!


Congratulations to Trevor Brown, Christian Yassa, and Natalie Gess who received trophies for their team’s superior performance.

Computer Lab Beautification

By Erica Rogers

For the past few weeks, Ms. Brundage, one of our amazing science teachers here at Ensign, has been doing some great things for our school.  She has made our computer labs look beautiful! 

She has made them colorful by taking down old posters that had no use and putting up new, bright, and helpful posters like “SeeReader Rules” and websites that students visit often. 

She also decorated the labs with lovely rugs.  To make the labs more fun, they have been decorated with inspirational posters that say things like “The expert in anything was once a beginner.”

Thank you, Ms. Brundage, for all you do for our school!

Where do all the Seabees come from?

Compiled by Dillon Lippman


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Feasting Favorites

Compiled by Megan Carey and Bella Crafton

Now that Thanksgiving is over, we journeyed through Ensign finding students and staff members to share with us their favorite and least favorite Thanksgiving foods! From turkey to pigeon, we really “got to the meat of the story”! Continue to see some of your classmates feasting favorites!


Mr. Arias:

Fav: turkey leg

Least: ham


Ella Kenney:

Fav: stuffing

Least: cranberry sauce


Mia Bagatourian:

Fav: turkey

Least: Brussels sprouts


Emily Ruddy:

Fav: cheesy mashed potatoes

Least: cranberry sauce


Sam Esparza:

Fav: pigeon and salt with pepper (not together!)

Least: blue cockatoo with gravy and pepper and salt together





Delaney Knipp:

Fav: turkey with gravy

Least: cranberry sauce


Gavin Lattimer:

Fav: turkey and mashed potatoes

Least: burnt yams


Andy Myers:

Fav: pie

Least: cranberry sauce


Charlie Sandy:

Fav: pumpkin pie

Least: Brussels sprouts


Alexis Rodriguez:

Fav: turkey

Least: mashed potatoes


Katie Clark:

Fav: honey ham

Least: pumpkin pie


Declan Dunne:

Fav: mashed potatoes

Least: Stuffing


Mia Matsunami:

Fav: pie

Least: stuffing


Blair Cunningham:

Fav: pie

Least: stuffing


Sammy Kerrigan:

Fav: rolls

Least: turkey


Kate LaGrandeur:

Fav: creamed corn

Least: stuffing


Annie Mader:

Fav: cranberry sauce

Least: stuffing


Vivian Donovan:

Fav: yams

Least: cranberry sauce


Megan Carey:

Fav: cheesy potatoes

Least: pumpkin pie


Remy Persichini:

Fav: stuffing ball

Least: salad

Christmas Present Ideas

By Bella Crafton and Katie Clark

Christmas is coming fast so it’s a great time to decide what you are going to get for friends and family. Whether your family or friends are unique, humorous, or stylish these gifts are a great choice for any kind of person.

Toilet Mug:
This toilet mug will make anyone smile. This is the perfect gift for anyone with a humorous side.

toilet mug.jpg

Giant Gummy Bear Lights:
These giant gummy bear lights are super cute and unique. They definitely aren’t something that most people have and are perfect for anyone with a quirky but stylish taste.

gummy bears light.jpg

Mustache Sandwich Cutters:
Do you love mustaches? Then these mustache sandwich cutters are the perfect option for you.


Light Up Shoelaces:
These light up shoe laces are great on dark nights.
 glow shoe laces.jpg

Bacon Bandages

The next time you have a cut or scrape, slap a strip of bacon on it. With something this funny on your injury, you can't help but feel a little better.


Beard Hats

Crochet beard hats! They keep your nose and cheeks toasty in a funny and creative way!


Secret Message Pens

You and your friends can pass along secret messages with this invisible ink pen! The two markers write with special ink that only shows up under a UV beam "black light" and each marker is equipped with one in the cap! Simply write out a secret message or draw a doodle, and then shine the black light over it to reveal the ink!

secret message pens.png


ManaTea Infuser

These adorable tea infusers are shaped like manatees and hang from the side of your mug as you sip your delicious drink. The infuser is molded from food-safe silicone and the tale slides off allowing you to fill or empty the infuser.

tea thing.jpg

Snow in a Can

Let it snow, let it snow... let it snow! Did you know that winter fun is just three easy steps away? You just pop open the can, sprinkle the snow, add a little water and BOOM!... instant snow!


Hot Chocolate Snow Men

These snow men are a cute way to present hot cocoa and a great stocking stuffer!


Silly Straw

This humorous straw features glasses and a mustache that will definitely make your friends laugh!  


My Review: A Trilogy The Summer I Turned Pretty

By Jordan Golden


Personally, this is a “girl” series. It is romantic, but appropriate. I highly recommend this series because it is phenomenally written by Jenny Han. She sheds light into many difficult situations, such as having to choose between two boys she loves equally. Han also provides many embarrassing situations, which many readers can relate to. There are also many important life lessons that are taught in this book. The main character, “Belly”, is a normal girl who is growing up, but the two Fisher boys treat her as if she were still a child. "Belly" looks forward to the summer all year, when she can go to Cousins Beach with her mother and brother for the season. Han captures an amazing transition from childhood to adulthood without including a lot "too adult" situations. With flashbacks to her childhood, readers are able to understand Belly's life.

Popular Places to go to Lunch on Wednesdays

By Betsy Calder

As everyone at Ensign knows, we are privileged with early out Wednesdays. This is our one day a week when we get out earlier than normal. At Ensign we are lucky enough to get out at 12:40 p.m on Wednesdays. Here are some popular places to go on Wednesdays.

Banzai Bowls – Banzai Bowls is an acai café which serves acai bowls and smoothies. Their acai bowls are very different from one another, each unique in its own way. Their smoothies and acai bowls are very filling and a good price for their size, too!

Westcliff Plaza – Westcliff Plaza has a lot to offer. It has many different food options from Chinese take out at pick up sticks, to street tacos from Chronic Tacos. There is also a market and a CVS pharmacy where people can get lots of different things. Westcliff has so much to offer!

C’est Si Bon – C’est Si Bon is one of the best sandwiches places in Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar. They offer authentic French bakery items and some of the best baguettes and croissants that a bakery has to offer. On Wednesdays you may want to call you order in or get there fast because the line gets super long!


Starbucks  – This is a world wide coffee café that serves some of the best drinks you can find. They have some of the sweetest and most refreshing iced teas out there. You’re sure to find a Starbucks on every corner here in Newport.

Ruby’s Diner – Ruby’s Diner is one of the classic places in Newport, with the old diner feel and the trains on the wall; this place feels like an old diner from the ‘80s. Also it has some pretty amazing shakes.

Pizza Bakery – Pizza Bakery is one of the most popular pizza places to go in Newport; their pizza is some of the best. The most popular thing they have at Pizza Bakery is their bread knots. They’re baked in garlic and just the right size so you can pop them in your mouth. Everyday the workers at Pizza Bakery put out a fresh tub of garlic knots next to the cash register. So then while you are waiting to order you food you can have a little snack.