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California State Teaching Credential - English
Bachelor of Arts Degree - English Literature and Spanish (double major)
Bachelor of Arts Degree - English Literature and Spanish (double major)
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Jayme Miller

7th Grade Language Arts

This year in English Language Arts we will explore various texts and literary genres, including short stories, poems, a teleplay, mythology, and the classic American novel, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Some of our academic foci are annotation, literary interpretation, expository writing, argumentative writing, and verbal English proficiency. While this is a grade-level course, it is rigorous and designed to ensure students are prepared for 8th grade Literature and Composition, as well as cross-curricular writing assignments.

As your teacher, it is my job to support your academic curiosity and intellectual risk-taking; WE ARE IN THIS TOGETHER! If ever there exist questions or confusions regarding assignments, grades, and the like, please do not hesitate to contact me at or make an appointment before school, after school, or during SSR. You will find assignments and supplemental documents uploaded to School Loop and my Locker on a regular basis, for your convenience.

I look forward to a productive and rewarding school year!

-Miss Miller


Recommended Supplies:

-Folder or binder solely dedicated to Language Arts class

-The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (having your own copy of the novel will make annotating much easier!) (ISBN 0-14-036673-3 OR 978-0-141-32110-3)



Core Curriculum

In this class we will support students’ advancement of literacy by focusing on a foundational understanding of the English language, vocabulary development, reading comprehension, fluidity of reading, annotation abilities, and coherence of ideas and arguments in formal and informal essays. Core Curriculum is designed to promote literacy in all subjects, utilizing a scaffolded approach in order to ensure student success in all classes. Maintaining an emphasis on reading and writing skills and individual progress, this course will further develop each student’s growth as they become confident readers and writers while improving their IRL (Individual Reading Level). Through regular evaluation, students may qualify to exit their placement in Core Curriculum as deemed fit.

Over the course of the year the primary source we will use to achieve the goals outlined above is

It is my hope, as your teacher, to not only support your reading and writing skills, but also to inspire you to find the joy in written communication. Reading shows us new worlds, helps us see situations from different perspectives, and contributes to our overall success in life. Similarly, writing helps us process our ideas, feelings, and opinions with coherence and eloquence. I am absolutely thrilled to be taking this journey with you!

-Miss Miller 


Character Award Recipients

Kindness: Aileen Becerra



Students of the Month

September: Caleb Bendezu

October: Haliawai Dunn