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Todd Tucker

Life Skills for Teens


 “Life Skills for Teens” class is  one of discovery and adventure!  The primary goal of our class is for our students to develop the tools that they need to take control of their lives by learning how to become the person they want to be in life and how to plan and create the future that they desire.


While students are in Life Skills we will explore; How to handle Peer Pressure, Negotiation Strategies, Money Management, Conflict Resolution, Avoiding Prejudice and Discrimination, Stress Management, Study Skills, Goal Setting, Nutrition,  and Planning for the Future.  Our Life Skills students will sharpen their computer and technology skills as well as learning to type over 40 wpm without watching their hands.


All Life Skills students will participate in Community Service and do several small projects at home, like planning and preparing a dinner for their family.  This class is a growth opportunity for our 7th Grade Ensign Seabees. 

Current Assignments