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Joseph Fuschetti

Boys PE


P.E. Absence Work

PE make up activity


Written Assignment Instructions


Each day a student is absent, a written assignment must be completed to earn that day’s points ( 3pts.). Instructions can be found on your teacher’s website.   Students will be using to turn in these assignments.

Option 1:  Prompt


You will write a paragraph based on the prompt given to you by your teacher. ( See below attached Word doc."Writing Assignment")  


The format should look like this:


Sentence 1:  Topic "Claim" sentence (TS), 

Sentence 2-3   Evidence sentence (ES) ( 2 facts supporting your topic sentence)

Sentences 4-5:   Analysis sentences (AS)  (your insight and opinion)

Sentence 6: Concluding sentence (CS)




Option 2:  Choose an article selected by your teacher/Read and Analyze and follow the same format above.

Example of Annotation
Example of Annotation

Class ID's for Per.'s 1, 2, 3, 7, & 8 for Turnitin.Com & Password

Class ID's


Per. 1- 19260271

Per. 2- 19335597

Per. 3- 19335600

Per. 7- 19335614

Per. 8- 19335623


PASSWORD: captain ( All lower case)

San Clemente Yellowtail
San Clemente Yellowtail
Tanner Bank Yellowtail

Tanner Bank Yellowtail (Homeguards) on one of our deep sea fishing adventures- caught in 95' and surface bait and irons approx. 85 miles at sea.

Yellowfin Tuna-Capt. Prober w/ Selena @ Cortez Bank
Cortez Bank Capt Prober & Selena Muller- Yellowfin.jpg
Capt. Prober w 66lb. Yellowfin.jpg