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Katie Halperin

Welcome to PE!

I would like to welcome you to physical education!  This year in class we will cover a variety topics including physical fitness training, individual and team sports, games and nutritional topics.   Activities promote skill development, sportsmanship, good health, body mechanics and the value of physical exercise. It is my goal to provide students with the tools necessary to make choices enabling them to be "fit 4 life."

2018-2019 Student of the Month

September:   Aziana Schacht             February:

    October:                                              March:

November:                                                 April:

December:                                                 May:

    January:                                                June:

Sat Class ID# and Password

Class ID:  19365375 Period 2      Password:  ENMSPE        
Class ID:  19365430 Period 3      Password:  ENMSPE        
Class ID:  19365449 Period 4      Password:  ENMSPE        
Class ID.  19365460 Period 7      Password:  ENMSPE        
Class ID.  19365471 Period 8      Password:  ENMSPE      

Non-Participation Excuses

If a student is not able to participate in class due to an illness or injury, a note from home is required. The student will be required to dress for class, with their participation level modified.  Notes from home are only good for a maximum of 3 days.  If the condition lasts more than 3 days, a physician’s note is required.  Excused, prolonged non-participation may result in an alternative and relevant assignment.



Si un estudiante no puede participar en la clase debido a una enfermedad o lesión, una nota de la casa es necesaria. El estudiante tendrá que vestirse para la clase, con su nivel de participación modificado. Notas de casa sólo son buenas por un máximo de 3 días. Si la condición continúa durante más de 3 días, una nota del medico’ es requerida. Falta de participación justificada y prolongada puede resultar en una asignación alternative.

1-Day Absence Assignment Instructions


Each day a student is absent, a written assignment must be completed to earn that day’s points (20 total).   Students will be using google classroom to submit their assignments.



Students will use the internet to research an article that relates to their current unit of study.  After choosing an article the students will complete a make-up assignment using the format below:


Sentence 1:  Claim/Topic Sentence

Sentence 2-3:   Evidence sentences (ES) (2 facts supporting your topic sentence)

Sentences 4-5:   Analysis sentences (AS) (your insight and opinion)

Sentence 6:  Concluding sentence (CS)


***Citation/link to the article must be included


Examples of appropriate articles:


  • History of the sport/activity

  • Rules & procedures of the sport/activity

  • Skills/techniques needed to participate in the sport/activity

  • An important historical figure associated with the sport/activity

  • Biography of a favorite athlete associated with the sport/activity

  • Differences between youth/professional leagues associated with the sport/activity


***DO NOT SUBMIT AN ARTICLE SUMMARY/RECAP OF A CURRENT SPORTING EVENT (i.e. The result of the Angels/Lakers game from the previous night)