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Welcome to Ensign's Counseling Department

Here's what to do If STUDENTS want to meet with a counselor:

  • Walk-ins are welcome any time in the counseling office before school or after school (no appointment is necessary).  Counselors are also available to meet during lunch time with a note from a teacher or a referral from an administratior.  This method is best if a student has a concern or question that can be addressed quickly. 

  • Email a counselor through regular email or Loop Mail. This method is best for students who have a concern or question that may take more time to address. Your counselor will call you in to the office to discuss your concern.  It is important to remember to that students who are called out during class time will be responsible for instruction or assignments missed.


Kristie Robertson
Eighth grade counselor

Tracie Cagen 
Seventh grade counselor