LongJumpPitSmall.jpgAll Ensign dads welcome!

The Ensign Navigators are a group of involved men who desire to make an impact on the educational experience of all Ensign Intermediate School students. All men with an interest in the school are welcome.  There are no requirements, fees or commitments; just show up at our next meeting.

Working closely with our Principal, Dr. Gloria Duncan, the Navigators prioritize and execute plans and projects that are often outside the realm of the school district. The Navigators enhance the learning environment for all the students at Ensign.

The added benefit for Navigator dads is developing and maintaining a connection with your child's school life at Ensign. These transitional years from elementary school to high school are full of challenges and surprises and there is an enormous benefit from the close relationship the Navigators have with Dr. Duncan and her outstanding Ensign teachers and staff.

All meetings will be held on the second Wednesday of each month at 6:30 a.m. in the Hive at Ensign Intermediate School.

Paper Recycling

Paper Recycling