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Weekly Announcements

Be sure to check out ASB's "Seabee TV" weekly announcements on Ensign's school loop homepage! They are guaranteed to keep you informed on what's happening every week around campus!


ASB is currently accepting gift card contributions for the Renaissance programs we run. We are always in need of gift cards since we give them away as prizes for our Most Valuable Attitude drawings and 100% club drawings as well as at our noontime activities. Gift cards in the amount of $5, $10, and $15 from the following places would be GREATLY appreciated: Starbucks, Jamba Juice, C'est Cie Bon, Subway, In and Out, Target, Barnes and Noble, TK Burgers, Golden Spoon, and movie tickets. Anything you can contribute would be greatly appreciated.

Other Appreciated Contributions

ASB would greatly appreciate it if you could contribute any of the following items to our program in order to improve our projects and events here on campus. Here is some examples of items you can donate: digital cameras, bean bag chairs, and ping pong tables. If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Charron at


Renaissance Assembly

The Renaissance Assembly is on February 13th. Yes that is right, Friday the thirteenth. Because of the day, the theme is scary movies. Also don't forget to wear your Renaissance shirt at the assembly to be picked for the games.

ASB Calendar

Today: 2/27/15

ASB Student Body Class

Eighth Grade

  • President: Will Harvey 
  • Vice- President: Bailey Allen
  • Secretary: Lauren McCracken  
  • Treasurer: Varenna Kay
  • Historian : Payton Steiner 
  • Cesar Alcala 
  • Rafa Arias 
  • April Clark
  • Rhys Sullivan
  • Caden Kraus
  • Katrina Dias
  • Bella Fonk
  • Ethan McHenry
  • Hannah Hiromoto
  • Jose Ortiz
  • Joellez Lopez
  • Sam Quattrociocchi
  • Jonny Rimlinger
  • Bryce Postil

Seventh Grade

  • Avery Allemann
  • Clayton Wahlburger
  • Justin Boals
  • Jaycen Cash
  • Riley DeCinces
  • Hannah Harvery
  • Claire Kenmode
  • Nicole Laz
  • Lauren Lipkowski
  • Michael Morrison
  • Paige Bryant
  • Cameron Fletcher
  • Ava Glasson

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