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Ensign Weekly Announcements for May 26-29, 2015

Sixth Grade Students Interested in ASB

If you are a future seventh grade student interested in applying for ASB, please click on the link below to print out the application:


Applications are due on May 29, 2015.


Click here to go to the Ensign Cheer page.  Congratulations on making the Ensign cheerleading team!

Dear families of eighth grade students:

Ensign Intermediate School has a number of activities planned to culminate your child’s experiences. These dates include:

  • Thursday, June 11: Golden Seabees Award Ceremony in the gym at 6:00 p.m.  This event is by invitation only.
  • Friday, June 12: End of the year PTA hosted 8th Grade Promotion Party
    7 p.m. to 9 p.m. at St. Andrews teen center ($20 per person)
  • Monday, June 15:  8th Grade Knott’s Trip
    Buses leave at 8:30 a.m. and return approximately at 6:00 p.m. ($40 per person)
  • Tuesday, June 16: Yearbook distribution during 1st Period
  • Wednesday, June 17: Promotion practice and activities
    Students will receive their promotion gowns (no cost to students).
    School dismissal is at 12:40 p.m.  
  • Thursday, June 18: Promotion Day Activities – Ceremony starts at 1:00 p.m. on the baseball field. This is considered a school day and all 8th grade students eligible to participate in the promotion ceremony will assemble in the gym at noon.

Please note that the dress for the PTA Promotion Party should be age appropriate: no midriffs, bare backs, strapless tops, formals, tuxes, or hats. Spaghetti straps on girls’ dresses are acceptable for this event only. The school dress code applies to all school activities.

We are looking forward to seeing you at Promotion on Thursday, June 18 at 1:00 p.m.


Gloria Duncan, Ed.D.


Upcoming Events for Incoming Students and Families


  • August 27 – Registration: all students will be scheduled by alphabetical order of last name (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.)
  • September 3 – W.E.B. orientation for seventh grade and new students from 9:00 to 11:30 a.m. in the gym

Inspirational Students of the Month for April - Creativity

  • Ms. Prober-Math 8-Karoline Shannon

  • Ms. Rain-Enhanced Math7/8-Elliott Harrington

  • Mrs. Tolles-Literature & Composition-Carolyn Chan

  • Mrs. Brandes-Math 7-Ella Deshautreaux

  • Mrs. Wagner- Life Skill for Teens-Nic Baljeu

  • Mrs. Rogina-Math-Alec Lopez

  • Ms. Brundage-Scienc -Zoe Johansson

  • Ms. Velastegui-Math 7-Noelle Juberg

  • Ms. Hernandez-World History-Roxy Salinas

  • Ms. Ashley Curtis-World History-Gerardo Torres

  • Mrs. Tupa-Life Science-Daniela Portillo

  • Mrs. Charron-U.S. History-Kevin Sanchez

March and April 2015 Students of the Month


  • Hunter Barnett, Ms. Brundage,  Science
  • Arden Ozdere, Ms. Rush, Science
  • Alex Sun, Mrs. Wagner, Life Skills for Teens
  • Rodolfo "Kevin" Sanchez, Mrs. Sandberg, PE
  • Jared Honda, Ms. Rain, Math 8
  • Jack White, Mrs. Reilly, Language Arts
  • Lane McArdell, Mrs. Tolles,  Literature & Composition
  • Isabella Spinelli, Mrs. Gunz, Language Arts
  • Braham Duncan, Mrs. Dorian, History
  • James "Dylan" Ray, Mrs. Levy, AVID Elective Program
  • Zoe Gleason, Mr. Mabry, Math 8
  • Bella Lutz, Mr. Becker, 8th Language Arts
  • Priscilla Acosta, Ms. Prober, Tutor Corps/Math 8
  • Ramatoulaye Thioub, Mrs. Brandes, Math
  • Hannah Morris, Mrs. Halperin, Physical Education
  • Noelle Juberg, Mr. Harrell, History
  • Blake Barnett, Ms. Rogina, Math 7
  • Ryan Monahan, Mr. Tucker, Life Skills
  • Casey Villeneuve, Ms. Velastegui, Math 7
  • Juan Licona, Ms. Hernandez, World History
  • Carolyn Altshuler, Mr. Savage, Physical Science
  • Jacob Lietchy, Bob Nanney, Office TA
  • Clare Wadman, Dr. V, Office TA
  • Liliana Rigdon, Ms. Yeh, English-Language Arts
  • Olivia Swanson, Mr. Nichols, U.S. History
  • Mia Bagatourian, Mr. Nichols, U.S. History
  • Ava Glassen, Mrs. Blankenship, Biology
  • Dominick Brewer, Mrs. Gibbons, All Academics
  • Garrett Gritzmacher, Mrs. Charron, U.S. History
  • Jake Orloff, Ms. Curtis, World History
  • Esther Sosa, Mrs. Tupa, Life Science
  • Emily Ziegler, Mrs. Brandes, Math 7
  • Priscilla Acosta, Mrs. Dorian, History
  • Ella Medina, Mrs. Wagner, Life Skills
  • Anahi Villagrana, Ms. Rain, Common Core Math 8
  • Riley DeCinces, Mrs. Blankenship, Biology
  • Alison Corr, Mrs. Cross, Honors Language Arts
  • Johnny Mitchell, Mr. Blackie, Science
  • Sarah Arrosagaray, Mr. Tucker, Life Skills
  • David Angel, Mrs. Reilly, Language Arts
  • Priscilla Acosta, Mrs. Dorian, American History
  • Syanne Dalrymple, Mrs. Sandberg, PE
  • Hunter Barnett, Mrs. Tolles, Honors Language Arts
  • Max Whipple, Mr. Becker, 8th grade LA
  • Stephen Vazquez, Ms. Seaton, Electives
  • Emily Ziegler, Mrs. Brandes, Math 7
  • Chloe Day, Mrs. Halperin, Physical Education
  • Skylar Jacobsen, Mr. Nichols, U.S. History
  • Bailey Allen, Mr. Ehrlinger, Math
  • Ashley Salem, Mrs. Levy, AVID Elective
  • Riley DeCinces, Mrs. Blankenship, Biology
  • Bailey Allen, Mr. Savage, Physical Science
  • Gaby Andrade, Ms. Brundage, Science
  • Kaitlyn Stephens, Ms. Yeh, English-Language Arts
  • Irbin Peralta Simion, Ms. Tupa, Physical Science
  • Audrey Schrock, Ms. Rogina, Math 7
  • Alexander Pedroza, Ms. Schaeffer, Library Aide
  • Sophia Jackson, Mrs. Gunz, Language Arts
  • Luiza Cunha, Ms. Prober, Math 8
  • Brandan Bushmann, Mm. Maille, Spanish
  • Skylar Sepulveda, Ms. Hernandez, World History
  • Keegan Netherton, Mrs. Hirsch, History
  • Ava Glassen, Capt. Fuschetti, Physical Education
  • Lauren Braun, Ms. Velastegui, CC Math 7
  • Mia Matsunami, Mr. Mabry, Enhanced Math 1
  • Carolyn Altschuler, Physical Education


For all former students of the month, please click here.

Teacher/Student Zumba Performance

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What Does the Fox Say? - Ensign Edition

School Webstore

EnsignWebStore.JPGAttention, students and parents!  You can now skip the lines and pay online! 

Visit our WebStore to pay conveniently and securely online by credit card and just bring your confirmation email with you to the ASB window. We have brand new Ensign sweatshirts, and we are always adding new items, so be sure to check back often.


Senator Mimi Walters Honors Ensign Staff

Senator Mimi Walters visited Ensign Intermediate School on Friday, May 17, 2013.  In her visit to the teachers and staff of the school, she presented each teacher with a certificate of recognition that thanked them for their educational contributions to the students of the school.

Ensign Harlem Shake

Ensign Staff - "Call Me Maybe"

Ensign School News

Ensign Weekly Announcements for May 26th-29th, 2015
Leis for Promotion: ASB is selling leis to be worn at the promotion ceremony for twenty-three dollars. This is a fundraiser that helps out the school, so make sure you purchase one for the promotion ceremony.


Talent Show: Talent show ... Continue
Posted by: Lindsey Charron
Published: 5/26/15

Purchases Made at the ASB Window
The last day the ASB window can accept personal checks for purchases is 5/29. Cash, credit/debit cards are still accepted. Continue
Posted by: Lindsey Charron
Published: 5/26/15

Last week to order your YEARBOOK!
This is it, Ensign, the last week to reserve your yearbook!  There aren't many left, so don't wait any longer.  Friday, May 29 is the LAST day to reserve your book.  We may have some available to purchase on June 16 and... Continue
Posted by: Sarah Grenier
Published: 5/21/15

Journalism During SSR Next Year?
7th Grade Students,

If you are interested in being in Journalism next year, please email me (Mrs. Cross) back at kkcross@nmusd.us.

A few facts about Journalism:

   The class is only open to 8th graders.
   It meets during 8th gr... Continue
Posted by: Kristine Cross
Published: 5/20/15

April 100% Club and MVA Winners
Congratulations to the following students for being our 100% Club and MVA winners for the month of April:

100% Club

   Paige Bryant
   Paige Hasegawa
   Madelynn Jarrad
   Jaden Golden
   Nicholas Baljeu

MVA Winners

   ... Continue
Posted by: Lindsey Charron
Published: 5/1/15

NMUSD is Now Accepting Applications for Wait List for 2015/16 Signature Academies
2015/16 is the first year for the NMUSD Signature Academies.  Initial enrollment will be limited to 9th grade students  Admission for 10th through 12th grade students will be phased in over the next three years. Academy related... Continue
Posted by: Laura Boss
Published: 4/21/15

NMUSD Parents Are Invited to Participate in the 2014-15 Secondary Schools Climate Survey!
The 2014-15 secondary schools Climate Survey will help the Newport-Mesa Unified School District in making decisions to improve education for all students.

Parents of students in grades 7-12, are able to share your 2014-15 experience with your c... Continue
Posted by: Adriana Angulo
Published: 4/15/15

Relay for Life Team Meets Fridays-Second Lunch
Join the Ensign Team and fight cancer! We are making rainbow bracelets and necklaces as a fundraiser. So if you can make these or want to learn how, come out to Room 39 during second lunch. Eighth graders please check In with your SSR first. Continue
Posted by: Gwen Blankenship
Published: 4/11/15

Online Flyers

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ASB Window Purchases

The last day the ASB window can accept personal checks for purchases is 5/29. Cash, credit/debit cards are still accepted.

Today: 5/29/15
12:20 PM Relay for Life Meets Fridays

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